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Chic seekers

The fashion world used to have ‘bohemian chic’ and ‘heroin chic’.  Now in our straitened times, we have ‘recession chic’.  Although coined by the media in the early years of our current recession, as a term it has not exactly become common currency. Yet, if one looks around, it has become an identifiable phenomenon. How to remain ‘chic’ during our recessionary times is now a full-time occupation for many. 

A tale of two pensions

The focus on the huge pensions received by a tiny minority of public servants overlooks the fact that many who work in the public service will not be terribly well-off in retirement. By Enid O'Dowd.

An historic day for children in Ireland

Access to information is essential if child abuse is to be prevented, writes Evin Daly.

30 September, 2011, was a quietly momentous day for the children of Ireland. Minister for Education Ruairi Quinn announced the publication of a directive that updates and mandates the provision of child abuse prevention information to children, parents and teachers in schools.

A line in the sand

Venorica O'Doherty wonders who will care for the carers.

Morality, like art, means drawing a line someplace. Oscar Wilde (1854 – 1900).

When cynicism becomes the norm in a workplace you know there is a problem unfolding before your eyes. In health care workers from all sectors in hospitals, in primary care and voluntary bodies and across all the health professions I see signs of serious stress and sometimes outright burn out.

Frances Fitzgerald: Minister for what exactly?

Minister for Children needs to roll up her sleeves and fight for the needs of children, writes Evin Daly.

In a country of four and a half million there are few resources available for abused or Irish children in need. So said the Minister for Children today.