Overcoming mental health stigma

Stigma is central in overcoming mental health issues and there is a need for an effective community mental health system. By Justin Frewen and Dr. Anna Datta.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), stigma and the associated discrimination comprise the "single most important barrier" facing mental health service users. The WHO, World Psychiatry Association and World Association for Social Psychiatry, amongst others, have highlighted stigma as a key public health challenge.

TDs take note

[VIDEO] Republican Councilman Phil Davison became an internet sensation after this blazing appeal to become Stark County Treasurer. He lost, crathur, but created internet gold in the attempt. More of this in the Oireachteas.

Pakistan relief effort should anticipate mental aftershock

The horrific earthquake that struck Haiti in January this year dominated media headlines for several weeks. Newspapers and television were choc-a-bloc with images of people being rescued from the rubble and accounts of personal as well as reporting the obstacles encountered by those trying to deliver aid to the victims.

Bahrain Diary: 'Too much Honky Ponky'

For a Muslim country, the number of women who work as prostitutes in Bahrain is remarkably high. The sale of alcohol and sex are divisive issues that could spell trouble during October's parliamentary elections. By Malachy Browne

Extreme weather events are not taken lightly by devout Muslims. They regard them as messages from God - either to reward good deeds done, or to reprimand moral transgressions.

Lessons of industrial accidents not learned

Corporate wrongdoers should be held fully accountable, both in terms of financial responsibility and for the actions of their executives. By Justin Frewen.

Almost 26 years ago a poisonous cloud of methyl isocyanate poured forth from the Union Carbide plant in Bhopal, India. On the night of 3 December 1984, some 4000 people lost their lives and a further 300,000 were injured. The people of Bhopal received no warning, as the plants safety systems failed and no alarm was given. An Amnesty report estimated the death toll had risen to 22,000 by 2004. 

Remembering the Addergoole 14


The Addergoole 14 should be commemorated not only in terms of the momentous loss which still haunts the tight knit community of Addergoole but also as a reminder of the harsh reality of emigration. By Justin Frewen.

Intercultural integration and sport in Ireland

Ireland appears intent on restricting young migrants from participating in our sporting life. By Justin Frewen.

Generally regarded as no-hopers, the German football team became one of the biggest success stories at the recent World Cup. Moreover, they played an exhilarating brand of football, scoring four goals against England and Argentina and another three in the third place play-off.

Oman Diary: The Sultan Qaboos - a grand mosque

Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said is considered a benevolent leader by most Omanis. Since 1970, when he wrested control from his father, Qaboos has transformed Oman from a third world country into a modern society. He continues to undertake social reforms and ambitious infrastructural and cultural projects. Not least among these is the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque off Sultan Qaboos Street (his name is promiscuously attributed to Oman's finest achievements). By Malachy Browne.