The X case: Twenty years is too long

This special edition of CrisisJam marks the twentieth anniversary of the X Case. The case transformed political debate on abortion in Ireland and led to a growing liberalism around the issue, so that today, the majority of people are in favour of some form of abortion legislation. Yet, the anniversary also represents twenty years of political cowardice on the issue and the systematic denial of the reality of abortion in this country, North and South.

The contributors to this collection of essays are all women who campaign for abortion and are openly and proudly pro-choice. What all the essays share is a sense of outrage at the hypocrisy that surrounds the abortion debate in Ireland.

This week the United Left Alliance put forward legislation in Dáil to allow women to access life-saving abortions in Ireland. While this legislation will not help the thousands of women who are still forced to travel abroad for abortions, it is a vital step forward in struggle for abortion rights. It also offers an opportunity for a genuine discussion on abortion in Ireland. We hope that this CrisisJam special edition will contribute to that discussion.

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