Who are these guys? The US Presidential contenders

Hillary Clinton, Democrat, (60)

Senator for New York since 2000. A native of Illinois. Worked as a lawyer, moved to Arkansas, married Bill Clinton in 1975. As First Lady her major initiative, the ‘Clinton Healthcare Plan', failed to gain approval by the US Congress in 1994. She has refused to sign the tax cut pledge from Americans for Tax Reform, which pledges not to create new taxes or raise existing ones. Supports incremental universal health care. While a board member of Wall Mart, she was silent about the company's anti-labour union practices.  Generally “hawkish” on foreign policy. She is “an emphatic, unwavering supporter of Israel's safety and security” and she supported the West Bank wall. Supports UN sanctions on Iran, Voted in favor of the Iraq War.  


barack obamaBarack Obama (46), Democrat

Senator for Illinois.  He is only the fifth African American Senator in US history, the third to have been popularly elected, and the only one currently serving in the U.S. Senate. Born in Honolulu to a Kenyan father and an American mother. Went to Columbia University and Harvard Law School. Elected to the U.S. Senate in only November 2004. Married with two daughters.  He has said he would consider military action in Pakistan in order to attack al Qaeda, even if the Pakistani government did not give approval. Has denounced Hamas while praising former Israeli Prime Ariel Sharon. He introduced in the Senate a bill  requiring public companies to give shareholders an annual nonbinding vote on executive compensation, opposed education vouchers for use at private schools because he believes they would undermine public schools. Supports universal health care.


Mitt RomneyWillard Mitt Romney (61), Republican

Formerly Governor of Massachusetts. Son of the 1968 presidential candidate George W. Romney. He served in France for 30 months as a missionary for the Mormon church.  He has been very successful in business consulting. He and his wife have a net worth of between $190million and $250 million, a lot of which he has spent in this campaign. Thinks abortion should be illegal except in cases of rape, incest, and when the life of the mother is threatened. Ambivalent on gun control. While Governor vetoed legislation that would universalise health care. Opposed to same sex marriage and civil unions. Opposed to medical cannabis under any circumstances. Has signed the anti-tax pledge put forth by Americans for Tax Reform, Favours doubling the prison camp at Guantanamo and doesn't want detainees to have access to lawyers.  Supported the use of “enhanced interrogation techniques” . Favours the war in Iraq.



John McCainJohn McCain,  Republican, (71)

Senator for Arizona. Participating in the Vietnam War, spent five and a half years as a prisoner of war. Elected to the US Congress in 1982 and in 1986 to the Senate. His campaign on electoral finance reform one of his signature concerns. He was a candidate for the Republican nomination in the 2000 presidential election.  Supports the war in Iraq and the “surge”. Firmly supports the State of Israel. Declined to sign the pledge
of Americans for Tax Freedom. Opposed to “socialized medicine”.  Favours intensifying the “war on drugs”. Has promoted legislation to legalise and eventually grant citizenship to the estimated 12–20 million illegal aliens in the United States.