What does Aer Lingus stand for?

  • 9 August 2007
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On Newstalk's Lunchtime show Louise williams referred to WHAT AER LINGUS STANDS FOR and whether pulling out of Shannon is compatible with that, or words to that effect.




The majority of the shareholders in Aer Lingus are private enterprise investors AND AER LINGUS have a responsibility to give as high a yield as possible to them and their shareholders.


It is not the responsibi;ity of private enterprise companies to supplu social services,such as providing flights into airports, when providing flights into other airports is deemed to be more strategic by Aer Lingus management.


The government collects billions in taxes, mainly from the private sector, to supply such social services and they should get on with it, rather than trying to off-load their responsibilities onto private companies, which frightens investment away,like trying to force BUPA to supply community rating/risk equlisation. 


Passengers should never have been forced to stop at Shannon and instead of moaning about losing Airlines Shannon should be paying compensation to all the passengers that they ahve inconvinienced down through the years, rather than trying to continue forcing people to land there against their will.


One of the guests on the show was indignant that Dermot Mannion of Aer Lingus wouldn't answer questions.    I ask this guest to talk to me on air about this email and see will he answer some of my questions.


In connection with the commitment Dermot Mannion gave to carry a certain number of passengers through Shannon. Did he carry out his commitment already?   Can I take it that he didn't say that he would do so for ever and a day?