Walks: Kilcoole, Co. Wicklow

Visit ruins of a medieval church amd the stroll for a few hours on a shingle beach along the Murrough. Take care when crossing the railway near the car park. A bronze plaque recalls that guns were landed here in 1914 for the Irish volunteers. Turn south on a level path parallel with rail tracks.
Observe vegetation including the bee orchid and yellow-horned poppy. Among the pebbles watch for granite pieces, purple sandstones and brown flints. In summer, the tern breeding project is well managed by Birdwatch Ireland. After about 2kms, you reach the breeches where rivers flow from the marsh into the sea, known here as St George's Channel, Muir Bhreatan,

Cross the bridge over the Breeches. Above the shingle, the coast and railway are protected from serious erosion by rocks and large concrete blocks. Some of these are used as walkways but it's safer to trek on the strand. Enjoy extensive views inland to the Sugarloaves and seaward from Lambay Island to Wicklow Head. Continue to Six Mile Point, near Newcastle. Trek for a few more hours to Wicklow town or reverse steps to Kilcoole.

Tanks to David Walsh and Na Coisithe.

More On Foot, exploring the wilderness in Dublin and Wicklow, C Moriarty. Map OS Discovery 56. Access from N11 to Kilcoole, Dart to Greystones, Bus 84 to Kilcoole.