Walker Texas Ranger meets the Invisible Man

Tom Rowe takes a brief look at the websites of candidates for the US presidential nominations.


John Edwards is the also-ran from the Democratic side of the US Presidential nominations. He is doing his best to fight back against his fellow party members, with images showing the ‘media perception' (two candidates)  v's ‘reality' (three candidates). He can be forgiven for feeling put upon, as coverage of the race has so far been biased towards Clinton and Obama. But Edwards website does not look like that of a winner. Particularly cheesy is the post-it note style ‘To-Do List: Global Warming, Iraq, Health Care, Jobs & Poverty'.  

Equally uninspiring on the Republican side, Mike Huckabee has a website-by-numbers, odd considering that at times he seems at ease with contemporary technology and pop culture. This is a man who plays the bass guitar in a band called Capitol Offense and is supported by Chuck Norris, a man whose cachet among a certain type of adolescent male transcends all logic and irony. This is handy for Huckabee, as it is cool to hang out with Chuck, but unbeknownst to many movie fans, Norris is actually a Christian Republician, which is not so cool, as all the kids now have Obama-rama. Huckabee is determined to milk the Norris connection, with a section of the website allowing you to ‘Become a Ranger', obviously a reference to Walker Texas Ranger, the character Norris is best known for. www.mikehuckebee.com