Unrest at Korean E.Land

  • 28 August 2007
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Carrefour is the second largest retail chain in the world (Wal-Mart is the first).


Carrefour Korea is now called E.Land (Carrefour is no longer the owner) and it's a chain of giant hyper-markets. In an attempt to cut costs, E.Land sacked hundreds of its employees recently.

The employees then embarked on an amazing struggle to keep their jobs, occupying eleven of the stores six weeks ago. They were met with arrests and the intervention of riot police, who attacked one demonstration with water cannon.

The International Labour Organization and the International Trade Union Confederation have both called for the release of jailed union activists -- to no avail
I am appeal ling to our own Congress of Unions to put pressure on Korean owned companies here in Ireland to help and to show solidarity.