Statement from the Tara Four Prisoners: intended to be read out publicly

We consider the proposal to build a four-lane motorway, including a massive interchange, within 1200mts of the Hill of Tara to be a crime against the culture, heritage and history of our people. The Tara landscape is an area of unparalleled and irreplaceable importance to all the people of this island.These foolish, greedy men with political power and corrupt influence, who would inflict this wound on the most important symbol of our civilization and identity, will be damned by their actions.

That they would wilfully ignore the will of the people of this island and attempt to proceed with this plunder says much about the health of our democracy and of our society.

That those who peacefully resist this desecration and illegality should be locked up as common criminals is a testament to the potency and importance of this struggle. And to how much those in power fear it.

We call on all people of goodwill, all people who value ideals not measured in monetary terms, all people who know that after this rapacious greed has passed we will be left with nothing but our heritage and identity upon which to rebuild, we call on all of you to stand with us.

We call on all politicians, north and south for their active support to Save Tara Valley.

 To make a stand now for beauty and truth, against greed and
 corruption, to stand shoulder to shoulder in defence of Tara.