Spritual value of Tara-Skryne valley

  • 10 August 2007
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We have heard the economical truth from the archaeologists and spin doctors working for the National Roads Authority and the Fianna Fail led administration on the M3 project whch will destroy Tara-Skryne Valley; the heart of Ireland's ancient heritage.


Meath County Council has had an affable relationship with Fianna Fail for generations and it is therefore no surprise to hear pro M3 sentiment from their councillors. However, the truth is that despite claims that the M3 is what the community want or need, many folk have been duped and coerced into believing this is necessary and support it. Truth.

Would it happen in Egypt that the remains of an ancient woman of high status be left in a plastic bag in a warehouse? This is the case at Tara-Skryne Valley. Where is she now? Where is all the sacred paraphernalia and treasure she was buried with? Is this evidence of our ancient culture to be discarded with the same contempt as has been show with the desecration of her kingdom?

Much has been highlighted about Tara-Skryne Valley (in its entirety) being seat of the High Kings of Ireland and the ancient Royal City of Tara. However, one monumental fact remains disregarded within the debate and media. This is the realm of the Gaelic White Mare Goddess Edain Echraidhe, known also as Rhiannon in Wales and Epona in France. Ireland may now be mainly a country of an Abrahamic tradition but our ancient indigenous spiritual traditions still survive today. Tara-Skryne Valley, realm of Edain Echraidhe, is where the ancient Celtic Festivals are celebrated ritually throughout the year still to this day.

The plundering of an area of cultural and spiritual importance to one community, and our ancestors, comes in the same year which Bertie Ahern has refused a seat to the Pagan community at the State-Interfaith talks. One must ask the question if there is an agenda to eradicate our early pre-Christian heritage ?

Will your publication be brave and objective enough to allow someone to ask the following in print:- Why has Opus Dei built its HQ on the Pagan spiritual epicentre? How convenient would it be for a road way to run though the Valley tearing away its symbolism? How many of Fianna Fail are members of Opus Dei?