Sean O'Buachalla, Green Party

Sean O'Buachalla, Green Party, Meath East


Dunboyne native Sean O' Buachalla is a fluent Irish speaker, running for his first time in a general election. He has been interested in politics since childhood and joined the greens at 18. As with many politicans in the counties around Dublin, O' Buachalla is concerned with transport. He beleives his area has been poorly served by the government, lacking a rail link, which he has been told will take 10 years to develop, in spite of the fact that the original track was built in 3 months, in the 1800's, with picks and shovels. Energy and local planning issues are also areas he would address if elected to the dail. The candidate is in fighting form, saying that there is no questions but that 'the government will be hurt (by the opposition) in this election, it's just a question of how badly'.