RTÉ's coverage of last Saturday's Dublin Vs Derry clash an absolute disgrace!

  • 13 August 2007
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I wish to complain the strongest manner possible about RTÉ's extremely biased coverage of the Dublin v Derry Quarter Final Match last Saturday! 


The bias shown by both the commentators on the Match and the 2 commentators in the studio after the Match against Dublin was an absolute disgrace. 

They were all implying that Derry were very unlucky to lose against Dublin on Saturday!  No mention or acknowledgement of the fact that Dublin controlled the Match for most of the Match and even when Derry did close the gap to 3 Points near the end the Dubs brilliantly closed down the Derry attack and played a great defensive game. 

Contrast their biased reaction against Dublin with the fair and balanced reporting in other media outlets; both print and audio/visual.  It's not just Dublin people who have commented on the disgraceful bias shown by the RTÉ commentators against Dublin last Saturday; people from Counties outside of Dublin have also commented on this bias. 

If RTÉ have any shred of decency they should sack those commentators immediately and replace with people who would be more neutral and impartial!