Robots for the rich

Too busy trading on the stock market to tend to the garden? Why not invest dividends into this €10,000 robot that automatically trims the grass?


BigMow uses sonar and touch sensors to navigate around the garden while trimming the grass. The garden perimeter is “marked” by a low voltage wire buried beneath the turf, and “touch-sensitive bumper” manoeuvres. BigMow heads off in a different direction when it bumps into something. It also manoevures around objects that are over 40cm in height.

BigMow must be put to work regularly though, lest the grass grows too high for the robot to work; it's designed to manicure, not harvest silage. The grass clippings fall into the turf and decompose.

School kids and a good old fashioned push-mower provide a thrifty alternative.

€9950 + VAT & Installation