Right to read campaighn welcomes library move to Ambassador site

  • 4 September 2007
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The founder of the Right to Read Campaign, Cllr Aodhan O Riordain has welcomed the passing of the proposed moved of the Central City Library to the Ambassador site on Parnell Street by Dublin City Council this evening.


"Dublin is famed internationally as a literary city of some reknown, however we are some way away from becoming a literate city. An average of 30% of children in disadvantaged areas suffer from basic readnig problems, and the figure is closer to 50% in the area of the North East Inner City. Therefore the priority given by the City Council to the location of the library is a powerful statement and a move in the right direction." Cllr O Riordain said.

'The Right to Read Campaign has already succeeded in opening every Dublin City library six days a week, and has succeeded in securing a increased investment of €1 million to establish homework clubs and learning zones in libraries across the city. It is essential that the new library works in tandem with the area around the new location to help tackle educational disadvantage in those key pre-school years. '

'Many of our young citizens first come into contact with books through their local library - it is essential that we resourse that service to end childhood illiteracy. This bold move in relocating our Central City Library to such an iconic site, and it's support by the entire council, is certainly a move in the right direction.'