Q&A with actor Aaron Monaghan

Aaron Monaghan, actor. Soon to be seen as Simey Lacey in The Year of the Hiker, part of the Druid Keane Trilogy.



Where did you get your funny walk?

In a shop. The Shaughran walk came from the first preview when I tore some ligaments in my ankle which gave me a limp that I worked into the character. When I got better, everyone insisted I keep the walk. There have been a few "funny walks" that just seem to develop and manifest themselves in my body; it's never a conscious thing.

^Would you rather be seen as a comic actor or a serious actor?

Is there a difference? I think to view it that way is to seriously limit yourself and your potential and capabilities. I've found both serious and comic roles equally as easy, difficult, challenging and frustrating, depending on the time / play / role / director. What matters is that you are being challenged, and you have a reason for doing it, and that you can learn something from it.


How do you find television and film work compares? Would you have a preference?

I don't have a preference. And while they're completely different modes of working I think they're essentially about the same things; energy, action, reaction, intention and trying to communicate something. I've spent the last four years either rehearsing or performing theatre so it feels very comfortable to me, but I'm increasingly interested in film now and would like to do some more.

^You've worked with Druid before – was it an easy decision to come back to them for the Keane trilogy?

Too easy. No decision involved. What a company. What a director. I love how Garry (Hynes, director) works and how she works with me. Druid are fantastic to work for, everyone in the entire crew and cast is always approachable. And I'd heard enough about the previous Keane plays (as I hadn't seen them) to know it would be a special thing to be part of.

^What are your ambitions / your main ambition?

To be happy. To have kids and live with a woman I love entirely and wholeheartedly and to be as good a man as my father was. As for next year, I'm just finalising some things at the moment so I can't strictly say. Watch this space, I guess.


Do you want to go to Hollywood (don't lie)?

That suggests I can't say "no", doesn't it? But I really don't think it would suit me. I hate fashion, liars and superficiality. Certainly as a holiday...


Worst moment on stage?

Maybe going onstage moments after breaking up with a girl I was going out with. Or doing a curtain call in agony having injured myself. Or trying to focus lines after getting an attack of hyper-giggles. Ah, good times.

^Have you ever romanced your leading lady?

Yes, I've done all sorts of things with leading ladies. But which ones...?


The Gate or the Abbey?

What about them? Could I choose? I couldn't and wouldn't. Besides, I've not had the chance yet to work at the Gate. I hope to work in both for a very long time.


Galway, Dublin, the West End, or Broadway?

Yes please! Gimme a good play, with a good director and some good actors and I'll see you there. Just make sure the money is fantastic.

More The Year of the Hiker runs at the Town Hall Theatre, Galway until 20 May and in the Gaiety, Dublin from 22 May to 17 June www.druidtheatre.com