Promises on Crime

The election promises given by each party on crime.


Fianna Fail

• 2,000 extra gardaí
• Prison reform – mandatory drug tests. • ASBO Garda unit
• Community Payback scheme: offenders perform real services for the communities they have harmed.
• Increase fines and penalties for alcohol-related disorder and for supplying alcohol to minors.
• CCTV in all major country towns.
• Legislate mandatory jail terms for violent, unprovoked street assaults.
• Increase the number of gardaí by 2,000 to 16,000.


Fine Gael & Labour

• Reform of Garda Síochána, by independent Garda Authority.
• Implementation of “real community policing”.
• Increased civilianisation. 
• Revising Garda rostering.
• Open up senior Garda management to external candidates. 


Fine Gael (solely)

• 2000 more gardaí.
• Bail more difficult and electronic tagging, no prison remission without earning it.
• New rights for victims.


Labour (solely)

• 1500 community gardai in three years.
• Increase juvenile liaison officers and resources for the probation and welfare system.
• Restorative justice and Community Service Orders where young offenders confront their crimes.


Green Party 

• Establish an Organised Crime Agency.
• Increase Garda numbers in line with population growth.
• Increase civilianisation.
• Re-open the Curragh Prison.
• Abolish plans to relocate Mountjoy Prison. Review options to build on site.
• Repeal the sections of the Criminal Justice Act 2006 that provide for ASBOs.


Sinn Fein

• Independent Garda Ombudsman with legal powers.
• Establish a civilian policing board.
• A Crime Prevention Strategy, with monies confiscated from criminals for  development in those communities most affected by crime.
• Community Policing Partnerships at district level.
• Civilianise appropriate tasks.
• Mandatory recording of suspect and witness interviews, right of access to lawyer at Garda stations.


Progressive Democrats

• Increase Garda numbers from 14,000 to 16,000.
• Garda Reserve increase to 2300.
• Update PULSE system, computerise fingerprinting and DNA records.
• More CCTV.
• An extra 1,200 administrative staff and new crime analysis.


Socialist Party 

• Democratic, community-controlled police services.
• Invest in the educational, economic and leisure needs of young people to tackle anti-social behaviour.