Privatisation of Aer Lingus

  • 3 September 2007
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As Aer Lingus becomes the latest victim of privatisation, with the obvious results, it is nauseating to listen to the cries of foul play emanating from some business interests and politicians alike.


These are the same people who advocated and voted for the sale of our national airline and thus doomed it to join the ranks of the other state companies that were sacrificed at the alter of corporate greed, namely Eircom, Greencore, Irish Ferries, Great Southern Hotels and the now infamous M50 toll bridge.
The only people who have benefited from these previous privatisations are a few well positioned individuals, venture capitalists and private equity firms who saw the opportunity to plunder former state assets to further enrich themselves at the expense of the taxpayers and the general public.
When the next unpopular decision is taken by aerlingus to withdraw services from another Irish airport will the usual coterie of mealy mouthed politicians stand idly by wringing their hands in mock despair while some faceless financial gnome issues the usual statement ie. "It was a commercial decision taken in the best interests of the company going forward etc. etc....."