Poles 'crazy' for multi-cultural radio station

The phone lines at Dublin's first multi-cultural radio station, Sunrise Radio, have been ‘crazy' with ...callers to the station's Polish radio shows, according to Sunrise's managing director.
“There are thousands and thousands of Poles in Dublin, and the lines have been crazy with callers ringing in. We haven't been able to answer them all there has been so many,” said Irfan Malik. “The lines have been really busy for the Asian, Russian, African and other shows, but because there are so many Poles in Dublin those shows are the most popular.”
Sunrise Radio has been broadcasting on a pilot basis on 94.9FM since St Patrick's weekend and will continue doing so every weekend until mid-June, and hopes to get a permanent licence from the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland. The station estimates they have about 300,000 listeners, although this figure is unaudited.
Riyaz Patel, a South African-born journalist who does a show on the station, says, “I've been getting lots of text messages, emails and calls, covering a range of issues such as migrant worker rights, immigrant information and news from home. We hope to have Michael Kennedy, a Fianna Fáil TD, and Trevor Sargeant, leader of the Green Party, on the station soon.”
John Byrne