#OccupyDameStreet - Seven days and seven nights

Seven days, seven nights, that's how long Dame Street has been occupied. I never expected it to last this long, I never expected that I would have lasted this long, and yet here we all are. I'm off to bed now after a long day of heavy lifting, cups of tea (requiring light-to-medium lifting) and an awful lot of standing around in and out of high-vis vests. I may also have done some media stuff and I'm pretty sure I accidentally alienated an American anarchist activist (sadly not for the purposes of alliteration, though the idea of doing so is so irresistible that I may need to find an alternative anarchist activist, possibly Australian or Austrian, tomorrow to practice on).

Tomorrow is a big day, across the globe almost a thousand actions are planned, from marches and walks to sit-ins and sit-outs, the #Occupy movement is the vehicle for people to take back control of their destinies. Here in Ireland #OccupyGalway kicks off at 12pm in Eyre Square, #OccupyCork meets in Bishop Lucey Park at 2pm and then marches on to South Mall and here in Dublin a march will start at the Garden of Remembrance at 2pm and finish up at #OccupyDameStreet shortly after for an afternoon of open forums, discussions, music and hope. If marching isn't your thing, but real democracy is, come straight to the Camp and join us for a day you will always remember (actual remembrance not guaranteed, the value of marching can go down as well as up, if you are unhappy with the state of the world ask your doctor about #OccupyDameStreet; it’s new, from people).

Dress warm though, changing the world is chillier than you think.


We are the Robots
#OccupyDameStreet, Dublin, Friday 14th October


The inevitable reference to flower power
#OccupyDameStreet, Dublin, Friday 14th October


3rd World Records show Dame Street how a Mic Check is really done
#OccupyDameStreet, Dublin, Friday 14th October


Something, something, checkmate, something, capitalism, something, something.
#OccupyDameStreet, Dublin, Friday 14th October

More information on tomorrow's march in Dublin can be found here. {jathumbnailoff}


All images: David Johnson.