Oak Glen, Co Wicklow

My arms are around you, and I lean
Against you, while the lark
Sings over us, and golden lights, and green
Shadows are on your bark.

J M Synge, 1871-1909


Oak Glen

Most of the old oaks of Glencree were felled. To increase broadleaf tree cover, Crann planted new oak trees in the Glencree valley in the early 1990s. For a short walk, start at the entrance opposite the car park at Coillte's Cloon Wood on the Enniskerry-Glencree road. Stroll down a wide path. Evergreen trees are felled and vistas open-up across the valley to Maulin. Take care as forestry operations may be dangerous.

Continue downhill and turn left into Oak Glen. Its origins and layout are explained on the notice
board. Although a sponsor of an oak seedling in Crann's voluntary project, I never try to locate my specific tree from the grid system. Each plant contributed to the emerging oak forest. Emulate Synge. Hug a tree and listen to birdsong. The main path continues down to the river. A tall fence protects the Oak Glen from deer but a high style facilitates access to a riverside track. Retrace your steps back to the car park. The route is ideal for an afternoon ramble. As days lengthen, continue to hike in Cloon Wood on the opposite side of the main road. At the head of the valley, the Glencree

Visitor Centre café welcomes walkers.
Tony Quinn
More: OS Discovery map 56; www.mde.ie/crann/aboutcrann