No water shortage in the Fianna Fáil Galway tent

  • 9 August 2007
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There was no shortage of cool, clean, clear water for thirsty visitors to the Fianna Fail hospitality tent in Galway.


Infection free water could be found for Fianna Fail while the people of Galway have spent months under the threat of disease from their water supply.

The Galway water crisis has been going on for months and Still a solution has not been found.

The ordinary people of Galway are definitely being treated differently to those invited into the Fianna Fail tent.  This annual display of power, wealth and influence is in stark contrast to the people of Galway by the local authority who cannot even provide a basic necessity like clean water.

A clean and disease free water supply is a vital public service yet the people of Galway continue to endure what can only be described as Third World conditions.

The Third World and the Galway Tent – now there is a new and accommodating Fianna Fail policy!