No-go areas because of street drinkers

  • 8 October 2007
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An increase in the numbers of people living rough and drinking in the streets is leading to an upsurge in anti- social behaviour in Limerick.


The main railway station is fast becoming a no go area because of the activities of the street drinkers.

People are being accosted and assaulted at all hours of the day in streets around the main railway station. The winos are taking over some of the lanes off Parnell Street and engaging in anti-social behaviour.

Local people are now avoiding some areas near the Station and taking different routes to avoid the winos.
The police seem to be tolerating the situation and in fact a nearby off licence is selling drink to the men.

Unsuspecting tourists are also walking into the area and being accosted for money. Only in the last few days a young student was robbed of his mobile phone.

The cause of the problem seems to be an upsurge in the numbers of men drinking openly on the streets.
A business centre off Parnell Street is being plagued by the winos.

We are now calling on the police and the civic leaders to tackle this problem and to ensure that ordinary citizens can walk to the Railway Station without fear of being accosted or assaulted by street drinkers.