Nintendo Madness

The queues of stressed parents hoping to get the latest Christmas toy is a sight many associate with the crass commercialisation of the holiday. This year parents have opted out, leaving their children to scurry from shop to shop, searching for that gift that Mammy and Daddy cannot do without. Things have not changed too much, as this year's gift is again a computer console, but now these machines are being aimed at the older generation, who are eager to join the computer generation, but dislike fighting, shooting or pretending to be a monster.


The Nintendo DS Lite is advertised on television by cheery older people playing so-called ‘brain games', and also by a Hollywood star of a more mature vintage. If Nicole Kidman can play computer games then maybe its ok. These factors are behind the interest in the Nintendo from Irish parents, whose desire for the gadget has contributed to sold-out stores all over the country. Ebay again profits from the shortages, with sets being sold at twice their regular retail value on the Irish version of the auction website.