New Educate Together National School to open in Balbriggan this September

  • 3 September 2007
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As a result of a serious shortage of primary school places in the Balbriggan area, Educate Together has been asked by the Department of Education and Science (DES) to open a second Educate Together National School (ETNS) in the town as soon as possible.


Educate Together has agreed to open this school on an emergency basis and is working closely with Department officials to undertake the complicated process of opening a national school in a very short time scale. A meeting of prospective parents is being organised this week, advertisements for teaching staff are being placed in the national media (see ads on our website and accommodation in Sunshine House is being prepared. A manager for the school has been appointed to manage the school until a board of management is appointed. It is hoped that all the necessary steps can be taken so that the school will open on September 17th.

Educate Together has agreed to open this school in an emergency programme because we believe that there is a serious shortage of places in Balbriggan for families who wish to have their children educated in an ETNS. We were already planning to open a second school in the area in 2008 and this development allows us to accelerate these plans. In addition, we are in receipt of assurances from the Department of Education and Science (DES) that the State is in the process of acquiring and building permanent accommodation for the school and that the DES will take full responsibility to provide any temporary accommodation needed until this is ready.

In addition, the Department is providing a new schools grant to Educate Together, advanced payment of Board of Management grants and dedicated professional and administrative support for this programme.