Munster RSF calls for new regional structure

  • 3 September 2007
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The failure of the Fianna Fail led coalition of PD's and Greens to use its shareholding to compel Aer Lingus to restore the Shannon to Heathrow service is an insult to the entire Mid West.


Crocodile tears, lip service and Pontius Pilate fingers are the only responses from the ruling party politicians in Clare, Limerick, Tipperary and Kerry. They take refuge from the wrath of the people in meaningless words and futile gestures.

The fact is the Mid West has been betrayed and the 26 County administration politicians will have to accept some responsibility for this appalling decision.

The comments about the importance of Shannon made by Fianna Fail politicians is mere political double talk.

The sad reality is that the decisions made in Leinster House bear no relation to the interests of the ordinary people of the Mid-West.

There is no regional power structure – no concept of the politicians being accountable to the people.  The RSF policy of EIRE NUA where power would be regionalized in four provinces is the only way forward for a true democracy with power rooted in the people in all of Ireland.