Munster RSF calls for an end on outsourcing of Airport

  • 20 August 2007
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The move from Shannon to Belfast by Aer Lingus is the latest attempt to outsource and create yellow pack workers and it must be opposed.


This latest move follows similar outsourcing deals at Irish Ferries where lower paid foreign workers were hired to replace Irish men and women.

This type of conduct by Aer Lingus is not new as it follows the pattern of other employers who seek to maximize their profits at the expense of the labour rights of workers.

First we had the move against ferry workers and seamen and now air transport is being hit.  As an island nation we should be more conscious of our transport links and not allow our direct connections to be downgraded or abolished.

The scandal of the liquidation of Irish Shipping by the coalition of Fine Gael and Labour is still remembered by many people as an example of uncaring action by the 26 County Administration.

The present impasse with Aer Lingus has similar overtones and this time the politicians are acting like Pontius Pilate and washing their hands of any responsibility after they privatising the airline company.

The politicians of the Mid West continue to ignore this crisis for the whole region: they must stand up and demand an end out outsourcing.