More gadgets to watch in 2007

Tom Rowe and Darragh O'Donoghue with more from the CES 2007 Innovations Awards: Playstation 3, Casio G'oZone Phone and Krell Cast


Playstation 3

/images/gadgets/playstation-3.jpgThe Playstation 3, which should finally be available in Spring 2007, is Sony's seventh-generation game console, and is set to compete with the XBox 360 and Nintendo's Wii. The scale of the project is far more impressive though, with Sony looking to corner the market on home entertainment. The PS3 is at once a Games Console, DVD player, Hi-Fi, internet portal, and, with a bit of tweaking, a home computer. The innovative Blu-Ray technology being championed by Sony gives it a capacity of between 20 and 60 gigabytes and looks set to replace standard DVD technology, giving the PS3 a significant edge on its competitors.




Casio G'zOne; Type-VThe G'zOne

Type-V is no ordinary phone. It is as manly a piece of telecommunications as you can find. It features what manufacturers/images/gadgets/gphone1.jpg Casio call a ‘bumper' – and indeed the phone looks like it has a minature car bumper. It has been put through rigorous tests, so we are assured it is water-, dust- and shock-resistant. The tests have been carried out by the US government to measure the durability of equipment used under harsh conditions, so the standard is high. Perfect for those wild nights out then. But can it be used in the shower?


Krell Cast

American hi-fi manufacturers Krell have received widespread recognition for their CAST, or Current Audio Signal Transmission technology, which promises to ‘recreate a live musical /images/gadgets/krell-cast.jpgexperience' in your home. What sets the CAST system apart is that Krell has managed to avoid unnecessary conversion of the audio signal from the current domain and into voltage, which helps eliminate the harmonic distortions that can play havoc with the sound. This makes for a more clearly defined audio signal which should, theoretically, make for a fuller listening experience. Krell's system should be out in a few months.



Ecosol's Powerstick is a handy little device which connects to any USB port to give you a portable power source for charging items like mobile phones, digital cameras and iPods. About the size of a standard memory stick, the Powerstick is surprisingly /images/gadgets/ecosol-powerstick-1.jpgpowerful, capable of fully charging a Blackberry. It takes about 90 minutes to charge up, and has a cycle life of over 500 before its lithium polymer battery runs out. Prices are not available at present, but the Powerstick could be a wise investment for anyone who relies heavily on technology in their day-to-day lives.