Media Junkie: John Kelleher

Favourite book?

English Passengers by Matthew Kneale, or any novel by Peter Carey.


Last book you read?

Hanoi Stories by Pam Scott. I visited Vietnam recently, a truly captivating country, and enjoyed this affectionate personal account of its many charms by an Australian woman who lived there for 10 years.

Daily newspapers you read?

The Irish Independent, the Irish Times and the UK Independent every day; the Examiner, the Star and the Guardian online most days.

Sunday newspapers you read?

All the Irish ones, plus the Observer and the Independent on Sunday. Yes, I'm a newspaper junkie.

Favourite website?, the comprehensive movie database.

Favourite news website? It's excellent, and a must when abroad.

Favourite search engine?

It has to be the big G, though I sometimes use

What television programmes do you watch?

RTÉ News, Prime Time, Questions & Answers, Newsnight, good drama and any movies I might have missed – which is not many! In my book, Big Brother is a pestilence.

What radio programmes do you listen to?

I like NewsTalk generally. I don't want Torquemada with my muesli, so prefer the more relaxed, low-key, but informed, style of Ger Gilroy and Claire Byrne to the harrying and parrying that's too much a feature of Morning Ireland. I very much like Ryan Tubridy, likewise Pat Kenny, but don't get to hear much of either. I channel flip dexterously between Matt Cooper and George Hook and, yes, I do listen to Vincent Browne.

How much television do you watch?

Not a lot, but that's a factor of time constraints, rather than any reflection on quality.

How much radio do you listen to?

A lot. I'm a talk radio junkie. In recovery, I listen to Lyric FM.

Do you blog, if so how often?

If I did, I didn't inhale.

Guilty pleasure?

I was surreptitiously glued to the box last year for the BBC's six-part How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria, where 12 hopefuls (pictured) – is it politically incorrect, ahem, to call them ‘lovelies'? – auditioned for the lead in Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Sound of Music. Great stuff altogether and, within two shakes of a lamb's tail, I had it figured that yer one, Connie Fisher, would hack up as the new Julie Andrews. A further confession? I'll be seeing her in the West End soon.