Media Junkie John Horgan Press Ombudsman

Favourite book:
The Bank Manager and the Holy Grail, by Byron Rogers. Part history, part politics, part gonzo journalism, this is an exploration of Wales, past and present, that defies description, but is a must-read.

Last book you read:
John Donne: The Reformed Soul, by John Stubbs. I have been fascinated by John Donne, reformed rake and crystalline poet, ever since my undergraduate days. This is the definitive life.
Daily newspapers you read:
The Irish Times and the Guardian regularly; most others intermittently. Life is too short for more than that.

Sunday newspapers you read:
The Sunday Tribune, the Sunday Business Post and the Observer regularly; the Sunday Independent intermittently. Sunday is too short for more than that.

Favourite website: Here you can buy good second-hand books at a huge discount to the extortionate prices charged by the Dublin trade.

Favourite news website:
I prefer radio generally – when it doesn't relapse into feature-y, soft coverage – it is faster and more reliable than the web.

Favourite search engine:
Google. Life is too short to compare them all.
What radio do you listen to:
RTÉ1, BBC Radio 4, Lyric; occasionally Newstalk, Today FM.
How much radio do you listen to:
About three hours a day. After print, I'm a bit of a radio junkie: I can listen to bits of all the drive-time programmes in the course of a 20-minute journey to or from work.

How much television do you watch:
About an hour a day, apart from the occasional movie. Much of it sends me to sleep.

What television programmes do you watch:
 News, Prime Time, documentaries. I live in hope of seeing an interviewee saying something unpredictable.

Do you blog, if so how often:  
Not guilty. Don't read blogs either, or contribute to on-line discussions. Most of this stuff is vanity publishing.
Guilty pleasure:
Thinking about sailing when I'm supposed to be doing something else.