Media Junkie: Dermott Jewell

Media Q&A with Dermott Jewell, CEO, Consumer Association of Ireland


Favourite book: Dubliners by James Joyce. The characters are so real for the time and with more than a few relations currently doing the rounds. I also hugely enjoy Paul Howard's ‘Ross' series.

Last book you read: I usually have two or three on the go at one time. That said, most of my attention is currently on Words We Use by Diarmaid Ó Muirithe.

Daily newspapers you read: I need to keep up, so pretty much anything. Usually I go through the Irish Examiner, Irish Independent and, online, the Irish Times. Often added to these would be some of the redtops. And, while sitting in traffic on the way in to the office, the Metro.

Sunday newspapers you read: The Business Post, Tribune, Independent and Irish Daily Mail with the Sunday Times thrown in for weight!

Favourite website: www.the [The Consumers' Association of Ireland's website] has to be the main one. Apart from that, I have no particular or outstanding favourites.

Favourite news website: I would use the RTÉ and Irish Times sites and also

Favourite search engine: I use Google regularly and primarily.

How much radio do you listen to: Quite a bit. I grew up with and love radio. I would think of it first and way ahead of TV.

What radio do you listen to: I love radio and listen to a very wide variety of stations – Morning Ireland, NewsTalk, TodayFM and 98FM start the day. Again, I channel-hop if out in the car during the day. After that, between home and my laptop I will listen to RTÉ, the Beeb, Dublin 106.8 and some American music channels.

What television programmes do you watch: I don't see too much television and when I do I channel-hop frequently (much to the annoyance of my wife). I will always be drawn to the news, Prime Time and Watchdog on the BBC. The current series of The Apprentice (pictured below) is great entertainment.

Do you blog, if so how often: No – I just don't have the time.

Guilty pleasure: A laptop and Wi-fi and the world is at your fingertips. Fantastic!