Media Junkie with author Colin Bateman

Favourite book:
Catch 22 - I read it when I was about 11, so I'm sure most of it flew straight over my head, but the sense of humour was a huge influence.
Last book you read:
I managed somehow not to have read any Sherlock Holmes, and now I'm catching up. A Study in Scarlet is the current choice. It introduces the characters. Some of it is a bit clunky, but most of it stands up really well.  

Daily newspapers you read:
I read the Irish Independent - but am thinking about stopping, it's is so relentlessly pessimistic about the planet. Also peeves me that their deadlines are so early that they always miss last night's football.
Sunday newspapers you read:
Always the Sunday Times, usually The Observer as well.

Favourite website:
Bit of a movie buff, so  for the latest film gossip and there's an Apple site which lets you watch all the new movie trailers.    Popbitch for gossip about pop stars I've never heard of.

Favourite news website: is probably the first news site I check, but also the BBC and Yahoo.
Favourite search engine:
Oh, they're all the same to me. Does it matter?

How much radio do you listen to:
Only in the car, and then only occasionally.

What radio do you listen to:
Mostly for news, but I'll also try to pick up Front Row with Mark Lawson (BBC Radio 4) and Arts Extra on Radio Ulster.

How much television do you watch?
I don't watch as much as I should, seeing as I write quite a few tv scripts – I usually end up buying box sets and watching entire series.

What television programmes do you watch:
Way too much football, a lot of movies, and I keep threatening that I'll audition for the X Factor. I watch Friends with my son .

Do you blog, if so how often:
I have a blog on my website, but I'm really crap at keeping it current.  ( )

Guilty pleasure:
I feel quite embarrassed about buying Vanity Fair for some reason – it feels like it's a women's magazine, but the journalism is great. And I always read the problem page in the Mail on Sunday magazine – but they never answer my letters.

Colin Bateman's novel, I Predict a Riot. was published by Headline Review in May.