The lion is stirring into action!

It was pleasing to hear Minister Gormley voice his concerns about chewing gum and cigarette butts on our streets and his determination to clean up the mess.


It was also pleasing to read in Tuesday's papers that Minister Gormley had acted against Monaghan County Council with its Fianna Fail majority. Re, decisions on land rezoned during the previous governments term last March. Obviously Minister Gormley is not afraid of vested interests or Fianna Fail in County Council circles. “Rescind those decisions in order to protect the national interest!” demands our Minister for the Environment and Heritage; using powers rarely used, given to him under an act passed in 2000.

Now that Minister Gormley has found powers rarely used to untie his hands to protect the national interest, what next courageous step might we expect him to take in the national interest? The lion is stirring into action!

Why not Tara and the M3?  After all Commissioner Dimas has said what is happening to our national monuments in the Tara Valley is illegal. The E U has said work on the M3 should stop now! Surely we are good Europeans! Surely Minister Gormley is a very good European!

 What a week this could be for Minister Gormley . Cigarette butts, chewing gum, rescinding land rezoned in Monaghan. And Tara? 5000 years of our priceless heritage saved! It's a long road that hasn't a turning!