Labour - Dominic Hannigan

Q & A with Meath East Labour Party candidate Dominic Hannigan


 Name Dominic Hannigan AddressBurrows Hall , Golf Links Road, Bettystown Co Meath Date of birth 04/10/1944 Constituency  Meath East Party  Labour








Occupation :

Full time Public Representative

Previous occupation:

Worked in the transport and Health sectors as advisor

Financial Interests:


Income (aside from income derived from political office): 


Approximate net worth of capital assets aside from family residence:


Information on political career to date:

Councillor on Meath CC since 2004


Personal election manifesto:
See my website at

Why should voters in your constituency vote for you rather than for other candidates, including candidates representing the political party which you represent?
See my website


What do you consider to be the main election issues in your constituency?

Education, health, transport, cost of living, crime

Were do you stand in relation to these constituency issues?

Refer Labour Party documenets and policies,

How much money do you expect to spend in the election campaign?

To the maximum allowable under legislation 


What will be the sources of this finance?

Party funding, local fundraising, own resources