Keith Redmond, PD

Keith Redmond, PD's, Dublin North East


Redmond grew up in what he calls the 'dark days of mass unemployment' of the 1980's, and became involved in politics so that the successes of recent years could be built on, rather than see the country 'slide backwards'. As one of the faces of Sensodyne toothpaste, you may recognise Redmond from his advertisment, and would not be surprised to know that the dentist is particurarly concerned about the health service in the country. He believes it is arrogant and inefficient for the government to be the only health provider in the country, and would prefer to see a health system staffed by 'the best person for the job in the cleanest environment possible'. Redmond believes his constiuents want a trustworthy and hard-working candidate, but he may have problems in that the PD's have historically needed larger constituencies to be elected, as well as a perception that Dublin North East is 'Fianna Fail country'.