Green - Ciaran Cuffe

Q & A with Dun Laoghaire Green party candidate Ciaran Cuffe


 Name  Ciaran Cuffe Address 96 Patrick Street, Dún Laoghaire Date of birth 03/04/63 Constituency  Dún Laoghaire Party  Green Party








Full time Elected Representative 


Previous occupation      

Architect and Town Planner  


Financial interests         

Please see my Statement of Financial Interests on my website


Income (aside from income derived from political office: 

Between €30,000 - €40,000

Approximate net worth of capital assets 0aside from family residence:

c. €2.9 million 


Information on political career to date:

Dublin City Councillor 1991 – 2003
TD for Dún Laoghaire 2002-


Personal election manifesto:

Proper planning, affordable homes, taming the traffic, quality healthcare, and fresh thinking on energy
Please look at policies and press statements on my website


Why should voters in your constituency vote for you rather than for other candidates, including candidates representing the political party which you represent?

 I believe that the Green Party is striking a balance between providing for the needs of local communities as well as looking after the future of the Earth.

Were do you stand in relation to these constituency issues?

I want to protect the green belt lands and provide a decent housing mix in the right locations close to public transport.
I want to ensure that the Luas extends as far as Bray and provide both buses and Quality Bus corridors.

Finally I'd like to ensure that we look after childrens' needs, particularly in new developments and provide family-sized housing units, and decent playgrounds, sporting facilities and amenities

How much money do you expend to spend in the election campaign?


What will be the sources of this finance?

Contributions from party members, individual donations, and  table quizes