Gizmos for the girls

In a nod to our obviously tech-savvy sisters (see article in Technology News), and in the realisation that this section is a bit too Boys Own sometimes, Village has decided to embrace its feminine side and look at some gadgets for girls. This was harder than you might think, as a promise was made not to just review pink electronic gear. Luckily, it turns out that there are lots of gadgets that girls would love to own, without making themselves look like Barbie.


LG Prada phone

The LG Prada phone is “the world's first completely touch-screen mobile phone”, a title they proudly proclaim, having beaten the iPhone to the post. It comes with a 3.0 inch display, a 2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth 2.0, a media player for MPEG-4 and MP3/ACC, and a document viewer. The Italian fashion house teamed up with LG Electronics, a company previously better known for its washing machines, to produce this high-class fashion item. Prada was apparently quite controlling in its specifications for the design of the phone, from the cool black casing to the industrial-style ringtones, which match those at their catwalk shows. Any retailers that plan to sell the phone must send pictures of their store to LG before they get anywhere near this VIP item. They also have to adhere to 17 detailed specifications on their shop display. The full Prada experience.

CPC Strap

Maybe we're missing the point here, but the CPC Strap has got to be a good idea. It would certainly save the countless frantic searches through labyrinth-style handbags for the ringing phone that is never, ever, in the same place twice (it could go in a pocket of course, but that would ruin some kind of line, apparently). Reminiscent of something worn in a Charlie's Angels episode (a plus in our book), the strap could possibly be grounds for arrest by the fashion police. It's appreciated that the ankle might not be the best spot for a phone, but luckily the strap can also be used on wrists or upper arms too. Check out to be shown the many ways and styles in which this versatile gadget can be worn, or just for amusement.

Greybusters Girls Keyboard

Ok, Village couldn't resist one pink gadget. The ultimate in girly computer accessories, the bright pink multimedia keyboard from Dutch company Greybusters is covered with white stars and swirls. In addition to its 13 multimedia keys for quick access to the internet and email, the imaginatively titled “Girls Keyboard” comes with a mirror embedded in the palm rest, increasing office productivity hugely through cutting down on repeated trips to the bathroom. Accessorise the keyboard with an equally pink Hello Kitty mouse, and you will be the envy of the boardroom.