Get in on the action

A chair that lets you swing along with your favourite films, a visor to bring out your inner nerd, and the nifty device that lets you transmit your iPod all around the house.
By Darragh O'Donoghue Z800 3DVisor

The Z800 3DVisor from eMagin is an astonishing product that fits over your head to allow full immersion in gameplay for those who wish to indulge their inner nerd. It allows full 360-degree tracking and stereo sound through its use of high resolution OLED-based ‘stereovision'. The list of compatible games is growing and already includes such favourites as Grand Theft Auto, World of Warcraft, Doom and Final Fantasy, along with sports titles like NBA Live. For such a futuristic-looking (and sounding!) piece of equipment, the price is a relatively modest $549 (€422), and it's available on the company's website.


D-Box Quest X3ME

If you've ever found yourself watching a film and wishing you could be more involved in the action, the D-Box Quest X3ME (pronounced ‘extreme') could be the answer to your prayers. At first glance, this sturdy, leather-clad behemoth may resemble a standard, if slightly extravagant, armchair. Look closer, however, and you will find something more closely resembling a rollercoaster than a lazyboy!

Built on three axis points, the chair replicates front/back, left/right and up/down motion through the use of three motorised actuators which deliver up to 2Gs of acceleration to the thrill-seeking viewer. Pre-programmed ‘motion codes' are available for purchase for a number of DVD releases and will cause the Quest to rock and roll in time with your chosen film. The idea behind the product is that your viewing pleasure will be enhanced as you experience the same bumps, turns and drops that occur onscreen. The accompanying software is PC-compatible, but the whole package is not cheap – the price ranges from €3,000-8,000. They even offer matching loveseats. All you have to concentrate on now is keeping your popcorn down.


Belkin Tunestage

With the Tunestage, Belkin has further increased the versatility of Apple's iPod by allowing users to transmit their music directly through their home stereo system from up to 33 feet away. Using Bluetooth technology and drawing its power from the iPod's battery (like the recently legalised iTrip radio transmitters), the Tunestage is mercifully free of any extraneous wiring or power supplies. The advantage of this is that it leaves you free to roam the house while using your iPod as a ‘remote control', and not having to worry about any barriers like ceilings, walls or windows.

More Available on for around €150, or for auction on