Ger Gilroy, Presenter with Newstalk

Favourite book: I tend to like the books I've just read – something to do with a short attention span. I've just read Independence Day by Richard Ford, the second of his trilogy about Frank Bascombe after The Sportswriter and both are brilliant. But I've also just reread The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen – it's a hilarious almost-perfect depiction of a family in crisis ending around the holiday season. I've given it to at one stage or another to all of my family member  and we fight about who's who at Christmas.


Last book you read:
On Beauty by Zadie Smith which I thought was great.  

Daily newspapers you read:
We get all the newspapers except The Express in our office so I'd flick through them all – the paper review is a key component of our programme so they're a fairly staple diet.
Sunday newspapers you read:
I don't religiously buy any of them – in recent years the Observer's Sports Monthly Magazine was the most innovative and brilliant product on the market but recently its quality has diminished. So I'll generally pick up three Sunday papers alternating week to week.

Favourite website:
Again it's about attention span – I've just started using Facebook and am keeping up much more with some of my mates than I would ever have done before. The US media companies are great about archiving old material and shows and if you want to watch anything old, there's trusty youtube in all it's messy glory.

Favourite news website:
I like the way  collates information but and channel4/news are both brilliant and the BBC is open always. 

Favourite search engine:
Very boring – google.

How much radio do you listen to:
After the show I'll listen back to the Today Show on BBC Radio 4 and occasionally check out the competition but really the only radio I'd choose to listen to is Off the Ball which is by far the best thing around.

What radio do you listen to:
It's always on.
How much television do you watch?
Now almost none because my cable was cut-off recently. I'm very happy with this situation until my friends start jabbering about something they've recently watched.

What television programmes do you watch:
Shameless, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Extras, most News programmes and a lot of sport.

Do you blog, if so how often:
I tried it once and failed. But surely Facebook is this week's new blog?

Guilty pleasure:
When I had cable I'd watch the one hour highlights programmes of American Football.

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