Gangland murders a fraction of total 2007 murders

A total of 58 people are suspected of being murdered this year. This compares to the total last year when 60 people were murdered. In 2005 52 people were murdered. According to recently released CSO murders were up in the first three quarter of this year compare to last year. In the first three quarters of last year 42 people had been killed, this year there were 48. Gun murders to date are the same with 17. A quarter of all suspected murders so far in 2007 (up to 17 December) were suspected to be related to gangs. Well over half (55 per cent) arose from personal or domestic circumstances.


In a survey undertaken for Village, the following is the breakdown of the 53 suspected murders: Gangland: 13, Random violence: 15, Personal: 2, Domestic: 9.

18 January - Michael Gallagher is stabbed to death in his home by two persons, in Tymonville road, Tallaght. Probably personal.
23 January - Damien Dowdall (23) shot in the head at his home on Lealand Avenue, Clondalkin, Dublin. He was suspected of a minor role in the drugs trade. Gangland.
28 January - Charlie McDonagh (30) died after sustaining multiple stab wounds in Ennis, Co. Clare. The fatality was the result of a domestic row.
2 February - Thomas McDonagh (28), a father of one, shot dead outside his house at St Mark's Crescent, Clondalkin. Gangland.
21 February - Declan Molloy (35) found dead in apartment in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, stabbed several times. Probably personal.
5 March - An eastern European woman is found dead in a lane way in Longford town. Personal.
10 March - Alan Young (19) was stabbed after getting in a row over a moped in Breman road, Irishtown. Random violence.
14 March - Robbie O'Hanlon (25), originally from Arthur Griffith Park, Lucan, shot dead in Clondalkin. Gangland.
22 March - Roy Coddington (36), a father of three, Drogheda, Co Louth, shot dead close to his home. Gangland.
6 April - Paul Kelly (26) city, shot dead in Clontarf. Killing linked to a family feud in the inner city. Personal.
9 April - Anthony Cullen (37) found dead in a caravan park in Co. Wexford, died of stab wounds. Probably personal.
12 April - Rose Patterson (30) is found dead in her apartment over a barber shop in Clonakilty, west Cork. Probably personal.
15 April - Unspecified eastern European man found naked near Semple Stadium in Thurles, Co. Tipperary. Probably personal.
23 April - Adrian Dunne (29) killed his wife, Ciara, and two young daughters Shania (14 months) and Leanne (3) and then hanged himself in the hallway of their home in the village of Monageer, outside Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford. Domestic.   
26 April - Noel Campion (34), Pineview Gardens, Moyross, Limerick, shot dead as part of ongoing drugs feud in the city. Gangland.
13 May - Katelyn Innes (7) found suffocated to death at her house in Letterkenny, Co. Donegal. Her mother was also found, having hung herself. Domestic.
21 May - Paul Brett (35) shot dead near Ballydesmond on the Kerry-Cork border. Gangland.
26 May - Sean Nolan (18) was fatally stabbed on Waterloo road when out celebrating the end of school. Random violence.
27 May - Ian Tobin (25) from Fortlawn Park, Blanchardstown, shot dead in a case of mistaken identity at a house party in Blanchardstown. One man charged with the murder. Probably personal.
5 June - Alexander Filusin (27) a Latvian national was set upon and ultimately stabbed to death in Swords on Sunday morning after trying to rescue a stranger from a gang of youths. Random violence.
13 June - Michael Murray (61) was found dead on the Old Dublin Road, Carlow. Death was the result of assault. Probably personal.
21 June - Body of Patrick McCormack (52) is found in the cold store of the Mermaid Fish Shop, Galway. McCormack was last reported seen five years ago. Probably gangland.
23 June - Michael Doherty (14) was stabbed after buying a bag of chips in Ennis, Co. Clare. Random violence.
24 June - Joey Hosford (mid 30s) found stabbed to death in a caravan beside his home in Carlingford, Co. Louth. Personal.
25 June - Derek Glennon (24) is stabbed a number of times in Mountjoy Prison, and pronounced dead in the infirmary. Prisoner Declan O'Reilly is charged with the murder. Random violence.
9 July - Anthony Byrne (37) dies six months after being attacked near Stephen's Green, Dublin leading the Gardai to launch a murder inquiry. Random violence.
15 July - Patrick Sleator kills his two parents, Mary and John Joe before killing himself. Domestic.
15 July - Ukrainian national is stabbed to death after a row broke out at a party in Nenagh, Co. Tipperary. Personal.
23 July - Anthony Flood found dead of a broken neck at the bottom of a stairs in Selskar, Co. Wexford. Probably personal.
25 July - Kevin Ledwidge (28) shot dead at his family home on Ratoath Drive, Finglas, Dublin. Linked to a personal feud with local criminals. Gangland.
3 August - A 17 year old boy is shot through the front door of his apartment in Co Meath. Gardai say not a gangland killing. Probably personal.
4 August - Mark Spellman (27) from Dalkey is stabbed to death in Sandymount after intervening in a row. Random violence.
9 August - Claudio Fernandez (33) dies in hospital after being stabbed in the head on the 29 July following a row with a teenager in Duleek, Co. Meath. Random violence.
9 August - A man who burned to death in a Clontarf period house may have been assaulted before the fire was started deliberately. Personal.
13 August - Tom Ward (23) a traveller dies after being assaulted with an axe outside his parents' home in Cranmore, Co. Sligo. Probably personal.
19 August - Pat Burke (55) dies of head injuries at his home in Co. Laois. Gardai believe he could have been killed with a hammer found at the scene. Probably personal.
23 August - Gardai launch a murder investigation after Thomas Cunningham (46) is discovered in the garden of his family home in Ballinlough, Roscommon. Probably personal.
25 August - Brian McKee (24) is stabbed in Cork city after fleeing an assault. Random violence.
28 August - Jean Gilbert (46) is stabbed at the family home in Carpenters town. Husband David Burke is charged. Probably domestic.
3 September - Patrick Coleman (33) is found dead at his home in John Carew Park in Limerick after being violently assaulted. Probably personal.
15 September - Sarah Coughlan (37) is found murdered in an apartment in Longford. Died of strangulation. Probably personal.
16 September - Ciaran Cambridge (45) is stabbed to death while sleeping in a bed with his partner. Probably personal.
23 September - Derek Duffy (37), from St Attracta's Road, Cabra, shot five times in the head by criminal associates. Gangland.
23 September - English new age traveller Garry Bulls (37) body is found in a slurry tank in west Cork. They suspect that Bull was killed before body was put in tank. Random violence.
26 September - Finbar Dennehy (50) was found dead after being stabbed in his apartment in Clontarf, Dublin. Probably personal.
5 October - Brian Downes (40) and Edward Ward (24) shot dead in Walkinstown. Ward was killed due to being in the wrong place. Gangland.
8 October - Gary Grant (25), St Mary's Park, Limerick, shot outside his home as part of an row within the city's Keane gang. Gangland.
9 October - Manuela Riedo's (18) body is found in Galway, sexual assault is suspected. Random violence.
22 October - Paul Quinn (21) killed just south of the boarder near Oram, suspected Provo involvement. Gangland.
22 October - John Daly (27) shot in the front seat of a taxi outside his home in Finglas, Dublin. Gangland.
6 November - Gussie Hornibrook (73) was found dead and tied up at his home in Cork. Gardai believe he may have been tied up by raiders and died of suffocation or a heart attack. Random violence.
12 November - Ciara N'Chathmhaoil's body was found in her house in Carlow town. A man has been charged with her murder. Personal.
14 November - Sean McMahon (35) was shot in the head as he slept in his home in Tallaght. Gangland.
23 November - Jeffrrey Hannan's (19) body was found in the Limerick housing state of O'Malley Park. He died of serious head injuries. Random violence.
24 November - Joseph Cummins (21) was stabbed to death in Waterford city. Random violence.
29 November - Stephen O'Grady(45) was stabbed to death at his home in Ballinacurra Weston. Limerick. Domestic.
8 December - Sylvia Roche Kelly (33) was found face down in a bath at the four-star Clarion Hotel in Limerick. Personal.
10 December - Paul Keegan (42) was stabbed to death and found in Walkinstown. Random violence.
16 December - Michsael Hughes (30) was stabbed to death in an apartment corridor in Harolds Cross. Random Violence.