Fine Gael - Paschal Donohoe

Q & A with Dublin Central Fine Gael candidate Paschal Donohoe


 Name  Paschal Donohoe Address City Hall, Parliament Street, Dublin 2 Date of birth 19/9/74 Constituency  Dublin Central  Party  Fine Gael









Public Representative

Previous occupation:

Sales and Marketing Director

Financial interests:

Detailed below


Income (aside from income derived from political office)
No other income apart political office


Approximate net worth of capital assets 0aside from family residence)
No other capital assets apart from family residence.

Information on political career to date:

I was elected to Dublin City Council in June 2004 for Fine Gael in the Cabra Glasnevin Ward of the Dublin Central constituency. I received 1703 first preference votes and was elected exceeding the quota. I was subsequently appointed Chairman of the Environmental Policy Group for Dublin City Council. Am currently Chairman of the Dublin Central Area Committee. 


Personal election manifesto:

The foundations for economic growth were laid by previous generations of politicians. The new generation, which I represent, must ensure this economic growth continues but must work harder to ensure that our society grows as well. Two priorities are essential for this.

Firstly, our public services must meet the aspirations and needs of all who need them. This will be done by maintaining and increasing investment in these services while enforcing a culture of accountability in those delivering the service and allowing greater choice for those receiving them. We have a responsibility to deliver a better quality of life for everyone regardless of who they are and what circumstances they were born into. A greater focus on mental health and world class education services is essential in doing this. Additional public and private money is needed to make this happen but we all have a personal responsibility to do our part to look after ourselves and our families as well as we can.

Secondly, Ireland must lead the way in investing and protecting our environment. We should be a beacon to other countries in showing how small countries can reduce carbon emissions. Ireland must meet our obligations under the Kyoto Treaty and should be leading the European Union debate on what the replacement treaty should be. This will mean big changes in our life styles and habits. We must recognise this and rise to the challenge if future generations are to enjoy the environment that we blessed with.
Why should voters in your constituency vote for you rather than for other candidates, including candidates representing the political party which you represent?

I am the only Fine Gael candidate in Dublin Central. Only a vote for me can deliver a new government and provide an alternative to single party rule in Ireland. I represent a new and younger generation of politician with extensive private sector experience and a personal appreciation of the challenges and needs of the PAYE sector and working families.


What do you consider to be the main election issues in your constituency?

Increasing the quality of public services is of huge importance to my constituency. The communities that I represent work exceptionally hard to look after themselves and their families. We must increase the quality of the public services that they receive. This means a more visible Garda Siochana, better and cheaper access to medical care and smaller class sizes. Greater focus on mental health and the special needs of our young is also essential to ensure that our economy no longer leaves any-one behind.

I also believe that the physical environment of my constituency is under assault by poor planning and a small minority of landlords. The government must give greater power to local authorities to protect the appearance and quality of buildings and neighbourhoods.

Were do you stand in relation to these constituency issues?
The quality of public services must increase. This will be done by maintaining and increasing investment in them but delivering a culture of accountability in those delivering the service and allowing greater choice for those receiving them.

I would also strengthen the Private Residential Tenancy Board and Planning Enforcement in Dublin City Council to allow them to prosecute those who are reducing the appearance and quality of our neighbourhoods and streets.


How much money do you expend to spend in the election campaign?
I expect that I will spend up to or near the legal limit for a 4 seat constituency.


What will be the sources of this finance?
Party and personal fundraising and my own savings.