Fianna Fáil- Jim O'Callaghan

Q & A with Dublin South East Fianna Fáil candidate Jim O'Callaghan


 Name Jim O'Callaghan Address37 South Richmond Street, Dublin 2 Date of birth 5 January 1968 Constituency Dublin South East Party Fianna Fáil








Occupation :


Previous occupation:


Financial Interests:


Income (aside from income derived from political office): 

I am not prepared to answer this question because details of my earnings as a self-employed person are confidential to myself and the Revenue Commissioners. I do not derive any income from political office.

Approximate net worth of capital assets aside from family residence:

None other than car.

Information on political career to date:

Contested NUI Seanad Election in 2002 and local elections in the Rathmines ward in 2004.

Personal election manifesto:
1.    To campaign for greater protection for the elderly
2.    To secure better recreational facilities for the young
3.    To cut red tape for business
4.    To achieve greater educational access for all

Why should voters in your constituency vote for you rather than for other candidates, including candidates representing the political party which you represent?
There are many excellent candidates running in Dublin South East. Rather than comparing myself to others I would hope that the electorate consider the abilities of all the candidates and their parties before choosing the candidate who represents their view of how Ireland should proceed over the next 5 years.

What do you consider to be the main election issues in your constituency?

1.    Maintaining the economic success that this country has achieved over the past 10 years.
2.    Providing stable government for the next 5 years.
3.    Ensuring that our increased economic success results in the social and infrastructural improvement of the whole country.
4.    The location of an incinerator on the Poolbeg peninsula.


Where do you stand in relation to these constituency issues?

1.    If we continue our investment in education we will ensure that Ireland will become a centre of excellence that will continue to attract jobs.
2.    The past decade shows that Fianna Fail led governments provide stable government.
3.    The quality of life of people living in all parts of the constituency has improved significantly over the past decade. There have been major infrastructural developments such as the LUAS and the redevelopment of Dublin City Council housing that has greatly benefited all parts of the constituency.
4.    I made the attached submission to An Bord Pleanala in respect of the application for planning permission for the incinerator.


How much money do you expect to spend in the election campaign?

I expect to spend the full amount allowed by law for a 4 seat constituency, subject to Fianna Fail taking its allocation. Should Fianna Fail take 50% this would result in me spending circa €16,000.


What will be the sources of this finance?

Fundraising lunch.
Donations from friends.
Contributions from Vincent Browne.