Connolly Youth Movement Relaunch Website

  • 3 September 2007
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This week the Connolly Youth Movement has relaunched its website at 


The new website will include up- to- date news on the activities of the CYM, its policy papers, the organisations programme and back- issues of Forward, the quaterly magazine of the CYM, as well as documents, leaflets and posters produced by Connolly Youth.

There is information on the ongoing "Working Class School of Politics" education classes and a forum for Connolly Youth Movement members to discuss policy and politics in general. An important part of the new website is the online archive which covers speeches and previous press releases from the CYM.
The CYM sees its new vibrant website as another important step in the continued growth of the organisation. The CYM is looking confidently towards the future as the organisation continues to expand its membership and activities.

The organisation is now visable on the streets of Dublin every week, has members north, south, east and west and is seeing its membership increase steadily. The new website, which will be updated regularly, will play an important part in the future of the CYM.