Clare Daly, Socalist Party.

Clare Daly, Socalist Party, Dublin North


Originally from Kildare but living in her consticuency for many years, Daly is the second youngest candidate in Dublin North. She ran in general elections in 1997 and 2002, as well as by-elections. Her career in politics began during the water charges campaign in 1993. She was a youth representative on the administrative council of the Labour party, but was expelled along with Joe Higgins TD. Currently Daly is involved in the anti bin-tax campaign. As a shop steward in Dublin Airport, she worked against the privisation of Aer Lingus. Planning is a major problem in her area, resulting in transport difficulties and lack of classrooms. To solve this she will campaign for sustainable planning, rather than the 'developer-led' regime we currently have. Daly sees Trevor Sargent and Fianna Fail taking a seat in Dublin North, but believes the Socalist party is better placed than ever before. She asks the question 'whats the difference between a FF/PD led government and a Labour/FG/Green led government?'. For Daly, the Socalist party is the only real opposition in her consticuency.