Clare being blamed in the wrong

  • 23 October 2007
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Limerick City Councillors are crying crocodile  tears while blaming Clare for increasing traffic chaos in Corbally.


It is all very well for Limerick's Councillor John Gilligan to blast Clare County Council for not agreeing to a new ring road, but it was mere political opportunism to blame Clare for he awful traffic delays along the Corbally Road. While a new ring road by passing Corbally would take some traffic away, it would not provide any relief for local motorists.

The fact is the traffic chaos all along the Corbally Road has been caused by decisions taken by Limerick City Council and there is nothing to be gained by Limerick now pointing the finger of blame at Clare County Council.

We who live in the area know full well that the decision of Limerick City Council to close the right of way along Sir Harry's Mall so that a hotel could be built has an adverse effect on access to the city from the Corbally Road. In effect it closed off a main artery from Corbally into the city centre for local motorists.

Cllr. Gilligan knows that a new ring road will not ease the traffic congestion along Corbally Road because most of the motorists are local people who live in the suburbs making their way into the city centre.  He could make a much more useful contribution if he campaigned for a bridge from Mill Road to St. Mary's Park.