China used by Malaysian logging corporations as way into EU and US markets

The deceitfulness of the Malaysian multinational (Capitalist) logging corporations that are destroying our Forest Reserves with all its biodiversity of wildlife, and traditional Indigenous land and forest rights, are beyond belief.


Now that they export directly from Malaysia in timber and plantation products especially in palm oil (palm oil, Acasia-for new timber and other kinds of plantations are usually a continuation process from logging in a Capitalist industry), is being monitored closely by NGOs, especially in Europe because of stricter and better socio-environmental laws there compared to the rest of the world, these corporations are changing their strategy.

As reported by Al Jazeera English News this week, the Malaysian logging corporations are using China as a transit point into the US and European market. Raw timber is being exported into China from South-East Asia that include Malaysia, Indonesia (including the brutally colonized West Papua by the Indonesian Government), Papua New Guinea and Cambodia to be manufactured into timber products mostly for plywood for construction and furnitures, with the US and Europe as the biggest importers.

One company shown in the news report include the US giant Home Depot. Home Depot, a highly anti-trade union mass retailer of construction and home improvements products is ironically promoting "Eco Options" in their products, that supposedly import manufactured timber from sustainably-harvested forest (see or Home Depot also plans to expand into the European market in the future especially in the UK.
Although some of the Chinese timber manufacturing corporations tried to defend their products as being sustainable and that they are working together with the World Widlife Fund, WWF, this is highly suspect since the evidences of extreme abuses of our traditional Indigenous communities' socio-environmental rights in Malaysia can be proven. In fact, the Forest Stewardship Council label for logs that are supposedly sustainably cut are usually falsified and abused. As claimed by a Malaysian Indigenous community in Sarawak, Borneo, who ended up as workers in the logging camp (due to poverty).

So far, Al Jazeera, with a base in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, has failed to cover the truths against such abuses extensively. Such failure and the allowance of such abuses of human rights of the ordinary class, to continue including with the support of the EU Commission Delegation based in Malaysia, has now even encouraged the Malaysian Government to criminalize and threatens bloggers under Defamation Act 1957 (see http://mavrkylawofdefamation/ if condemning the Government.

Of course human rights principles are relative as freedom of speech right is relative to individual and social responsibility right. But when the intention of such freedom of speech, is relative to the responsibility right of seeking the truths to lies and propagandas.To both intricately linked individual and social justice as against the wrongdoings and abuses of power and human rights especially by the State and corporations. Then how can such freedom of speech be defined as an act of defamation! Such activism will never be silenced, and the ordinary class will go on speaking bravely and radically.