The Child Abuse Inquiry Team

Chairman: Frank Murphy

Murphy is a retired Supreme Court judge. He was appointed to the High Court in 1982, and to the Supreme Court in 1996. He had a significant practice in commercial law prior to that at the Bar. He is currently chair of the Residential Institutions Redress Review Committee, which hears appeals of awards by the Redress Board to victims of institutional abuse.


Helen Buckley

Helen Buckley is a senior lecturer in the School of Social Work and Social Policy, Trinity College, Dublin, where she has worked since 1995. She is a specialist in child protection issues. She was a member of the working group that produced 'Children First: national guidelines for the protection and welfare of children' and has been involved in the development of local and national guidelines for voluntary and statutory children's services.

Laraine Joyce

Laraine Joyce is deputy director of the Office for Health Management. She joined from the Institute of Public Administration where, as an Executive Director, she had responsibility for management development services to the health and semi-state sectors. Before that she worked in the IPA's research division. She has an MA from the University of Texas and a PhD from the University of Lancaster. She is the co-editor of A Healthier Future? Managing Healthcare in Ireland, published in 1998.

Secretary: Marian Shanley

Marian Shanley is a solicitor. She has lectured and tutored on law at the Institute of Public Administration and University College Dublin. She acted as spokeswoman for the Inquiry. Her late husband, Peter Shanley, was a judge of the High Court. She is also a member of the Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse, chaired by Sean Ryan.