Cataclysmic flooding in England a foretaste of what's to come!

The serious flooding that is swamping much of England at the moment is a foretaste of what will happen on a regular basis; and not just in England; but here in Ireland too if Global Warming continues to accelerate at the rate predicted by most renowned and trusted meteorologists and scientists. 


The flooding in parts of England is so severe and widespread that it will take several weeks for the floodwaters to subside even if no more rain fell.  It is just through sheer fortune and good luck that nobody has so far been killed as a result of the current flooding.  This is more proof, if anymore were needed, that we to take drastic action immediately and urgently to drastically cut our emissions of Global Warming Greenhouse Gases.  

Disgracefully, some newspapers in England are trying to claim that the catastrophic flooding is not caused by Global Warming but is merely just an ordinary English Summer; even though all rainfall records have been broken!