Cardinal Dziwisz: Spy Tales Target John Paul II

KRAKOW, Poland, MARCH 5, 2007 ( Accusations about espionage surrounding Pope John Paul II are not only false but also an attempt to hinder his canonization, said Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz.

The archbishop of Krakow, who was John Paul II's secretary for four decades, spoke about his concern Saturday on Vatican Radio's Polish program.

There have been recent reports about a secret agent "Henryk," the cardinal explained.

Some journalists have associated this "Henryk" with Archbishop Henryk Nowacki, today the apostolic nuncio in Slovakia, and formerly the director of the Polish section of the Vatican Secretariat of State.

"In recent times, accusing and blaming men of the Church in Poland, as well as those who are at the service of the Holy See, has assumed such proportions that every honest man must feel cut to the quick," said Cardinal Dziwisz.

All Poles

During the interview on Vatican Radio, the archbishop of Krakow mentioned Archbishop Nowacki's special dedication during John Paul II's pontificate.

"I know his responsibility for every word, his conduct and industriousness," the cardinal said. "To strike at this man is to strike at all Poles, collaborators of the Holy Father and because of this, to strike at the Servant of God, John Paul II."

"A framework of spies is being created around Pope Wojtyla, which is a lie, a slander. In this way attempts are made to hinder the process of canonization," Cardinal Dziwisz warned.

The cardinal said he has turned to contemplative orders, so that they "pray for forgiveness for the sins and faults of us all and that the Holy Spirit shed his light on us so that, enriched by these painful experiences, we may be able to renew our Church, and also coexistence among men."

The cardinal stressed that the accusations of recent months unjustly destroy the right which everyone has to a good name.

"All this is done in the name of alleged truth," he said. "But I wonder, what truth?"

Cardinal Dziwisz said that notes from the Communist-era secret services cannot be considered credible without previous careful study, and by looking at the whole of the lives of the accused.