Campaign to save 200-year-old trees in Limerick

Local residents in Limerick are campaigning to save four large trees on the site of a new aparthotel in Highfield, Limerick city. Two of the trees – Monterey Cypress tress – are estimated to be 150-200 years old. The other two are a Giant Redwood and a Turkey Oak tree.


Felling of the trees at the site began on the 15 December. Planning permission for the development was refused by Limerick City Council, but An Bord Plenala granted permission, subject to certain conditions. One of the conditions was that the developer submit a revised landscape plan to the city council before the development could proceed. Local resident Mark O'Connor says that he checked with the city council on 15 December and the revised landscape plan had not been received. According to Limerick council, the plan has now been received so there is no need for a “warning letter or enforcement notice at this time”.

The residents have asked the developers, Steamboat Ltd, and the city council to prevent the destruction of the trees. One of the Monterey trees is 35 metres in height and the other 29.5 metres.

Mark O'Connor says: “I have spoken with Aubrey Fennell of the Tree Council of Ireland, who said one of the Montereys would be among the top specimens of Monterey Cypress in the country. He wishes to see this and other trees in January with a view to having them listed on the Irish Tree Register. Although this does not afford them automatic protection status, I think it does show the stature of these trees as specimens of national importance.”