Bertie: Have the Irish lost their way?

  • 8 October 2007
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There is something rotten in the state of Ireland. And where it is easy to associate the sinister activity of misremembering ones financial affairs with that fallen Danish king the rotten core is far more apparent than our leader's blustering fallaciousness. We, the Irish citizens, have lost our way.


Approximately one year has passed since it became apparent that Bertie Ahern had questions to answer regarding his personal affairs.

Much has happened in that intervening period to darken our opinion of his actions and yet an election has been called, and won, with that corrupt shadow permanently attached throughout the entire election campaign.

Recent weeks have witnessed Ahern obfuscating his way through a tribunal the House of the Oireactas set up, clearly (and I can't stress this enough) clearly highlighting that he has something to hide.

And yet, once again, the people do not seem to be concerned.

That, in itself, speaks far more about us as a nation than it does about a wayward leader joining the ranks of infamy of his predecessors.